Which airport to unlock

Hey guys,
Is it a good idea to unlock Bari or wait to unlock SAN?

Wait and get IAD

You want a two runway airport

If you are going to purchase an airport with GP (I don’t recommend doing this as why would you when you can get them for free), I recommend LHR or MCT.

LHR is probably the best airport in the game for grinding SP. Two runways and convenient taxiing amount to a great experience. Probably the best airport for long term play in the game imho. In addition LHR is the airport that the next airport (SYD) will unlock from, so getting this maxed will get you in on the hype!

Speaking of SYD coming soon… MCT will be the only airport that will be able to reach every playable airport with L stands in game with a B77W once SYD is released, so if making player connections is a priority for you it appears that it will be the best airport in that regard. IAD also will be able to reach with the A35K, but with massively reduced profits, so I don’t recommend.

If you already have LHR and MCT are unlocked, I’d focus on building your own fleet!