Which contract should you give priority to? ✈️

Good morning everyone !!
How to understand when purchasing a contract which is more valid than another? look who makes more SP and Wollar?
Thank you

For more silver planes, you should look for cargo contracts, as they generally earn more SP than passenger counterparts. One plane that particularly good at this is B752F, and B748F, B77LF are also great due to you have limited runway slots so you can switch to them when you find there are so many free workers all the time.

Keep in mind that SP earning rates also to be affected by distance, so look for the longest one possible. This applies to both passenger and cargo contracts.

For more wollars, have a look at A388, or alternatively B77W. They should give you more money than other planes in it’s own category. Contracts with longer distance may have slightly more wollars to be earned (refueling), but mostly determined by passengers onboard (which is a random number I think, from 80%-100%).

Moreover, if you would like more XPs, I feel A124/A225 are the best ones to consider.