Which is better IAD or MCT

Which airport is better IAD or MCT?

It depends on what you like.

If you like a large airport, with everything, lots of L, X and M gates, then IAD. It is also really good for L and X player contracts. I think it has a wider range of airlines too

MCT however, is a little bit smaller, especially on the cargo side. I personally prefer it over IAD, as you can get more M European player contracts, as well as L and X.

If you are looking at player contracts, I’d say MCT barely beats it, but IAD seems to be what others think is best.

Personally, I would go for IAD. It is better for grinding imo, so iF S/GP are your target go for that. MCT has better graphics, and is better positioned for the late game when you want to send planes to every airport, it’s the only one where that is possible. I personally don’t love MCT’s layout. iAd is boxy. It’s up to you. I consider iAd to be better tho


I would go with MCT but both are good. Go with what you like.

I’m a believer that MCT is a SIGNIFICANTLY better airport than IAD.

The next airport that is going to be released is SYD (Sydney, Australia). It’s often easiest to make lots of contracts to a newer airport as lots of players are playing them. Unless something is added / changed between now and whenever the next airport releases, MCT will be the most convenient airport and the most profitable 2 runway airport for sending L aircraft to any airport in the game, especially the B77W which is often considered the consensus best aircraft in the game.

IAD is also ugly, missing runways, and has an over simplified and boring stand structure. It’s, in my opinion, the most disappointing airport in the game. Its so bad it may as well be a fictional airport lol…


Without any doubt

Go for IAD

MCT not much as good…

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IAD is being updated very soon…


Do you know when the will finish to update it?

@CJ_RVWilliams what you say is true. However, someone who has not gotten a two runway airport before is not exactly in the late game, and is not positioned to benefit from MCT. P2P connections to EVERY airport are a very late game thing, and you can reach the majority from iAd also

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iAd is up for remodel soon, so that will not be a problem. I would stress strongly that MCT is not good for the early or even mid game, or at least it’s definitely not better than IAD


I’d disagree… I’ve been playing almost exclusively player contracts for every airport post PRG in 2.0. I think if you want to play that way earlier, players absolutely have the ability to do so.

In terms of AI contracts, there are regional A388s, as well as plenty of M locals. The terminals are cheap (10k a piece) and you get a variety of stand types in most upgrades. In my opinion, it’s a better start than IAD is if you play it right.

They’ve said the IAD remodel is coming soon for a while now, and haven’t seen anything regarding it lately in terms of development. How soon we don’t know, and in terms of how bad it compares to real life IAD, I doubt that it’s going to be improved enough to make me like it. It’s an airport I’ve flown through a ton and know better than most airports in the USA. I’m probably strongly biased against it because it is a Terrible mimic of the real thing.