Which route are profitable in IAD

Which route are profitable in IAD

With what plane, amd to playable airports or any?

No just normal contracts

You mean contracts by airlines?

Get A388 contracts and they get you most money among all. Alternatively B77W contracts are also pretty good.

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A388s may offer large rewards for completing 10-flight contracts but usually they are restricted to rather long flights. At all of my airports, I have 10-15 contracts that have 30 to 40 minute long round trips. The planes that I choose are typically medium sized aircraft such as B752 or B738 / B38M. With the short round trips, I can reach 10 flights rather quickly. And when you divide the XP reward by 10 flights and then by the time it takes to complete the round trip, the XP is better.


I also like to make sure I get contracts at different times and vary them in size and distance (this is a secondary of playing the real life flights anyway), so that some take long, and some don’t. It helps so I don’t have a dry spell of XP then a bombardment of 2-3 levels.