Which type of planes to use in what airport?

So I have a decent fleet of cargo planes in LEJ, with 5 777F en C17 and 20 757F 734F planes and I will keep expanding this. But for the other airports where there isnt allot of cargo space, so which planes do you recommend? In IAD i have a mix of A319 B757 and E190, around 50 of them but i am thinking of focusing more on L planes. i already have 787 and a380 unlocked but should i unlock the 777 and focus on that plane? also some advice on which type of jets i should or you guys mainly focus on on the other airports would be apreciated. :slight_smile:

In IAD, it is best to buy the arrivals of X planes, since this airport has more seats for this type of aircraft, I always buy according to the seats, for example in SAN I buy all the M arrivals since that is what there is more of. and it worked for me, so I advance faster and I didn’t have as bad experience as others in SAN

thanks for your answer but i am asking more for what planes to use in what airport for your own fleet.

It’s more a question of your own taste.
I would think some folks are going for planes less expensive while others go for high revenue planes which cost more.
I personally prefer high revenue planes in each category (388, 777, 350, 757, 175).
Others are more for getting silver planes which doesn’t require high revenue planes to send and receive.
You might also want to consider where you‘d like to send your planes to, the capability of handling these planes at destination and your connection player. Maybe you have a couple of 747F‘s in your fleet in LEJ, but where to send them to? Has your connection player in NGO established all 5 cargo X slots or uses them as L slots?

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Thanks for your answer this is really helpful! :slight_smile:

Try to get something like this (yes I know they aren’t my own planes) it gives a lot of money as passenger so you’ll get a lot from this if you buy a similar fleet

At an airport like IAD or MCT, you can go nuts with the large and XL planes. Not so much cargo at MCT, but still 4 spots for L/X and I think 6 S/M.

For less cargo places like PRG or SAN. 752F and 462F completely lead their sizes but for the L/X spots it comes down to two choices. You can either do a large fleet of 306Fs or C17s for many planes with quick turnarounds or go for a fewer number of 777Fs and 747Fs.

For SAN specifically, I did 10 752F and 10 462F. They turn around very quick. I also prefer quicker large cargo so I went with the 306F and C17 cargo planes. Also note, there’s really only 1 convenient large destination at SAN: PDX with 15 slots, and that could limit how many large planes you do even with 4 large passenger spots and 2 cargo spots. Right now, I’m up to 6 large cargo. 4 306Fs and 2 C17s.

For PRG, with 4 S/M and 2 L/X stands, I’d say go 752Fs and C17s unless you’ve got a lot of time to wait for those L/X cargo spots to cycle through.


I was not sure what to do in SAN and PRG but this is really good information! thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Adding to what @Earth2AirX said, yes, it really does depend on your goals and play-style. If you’re looking to make wollars, purchasing your own L/X pax planes is an inefficient investment as they tend to have much lower returns than M pax. You can make a lot of money with less fuss by handling generic L/X since you never have to pay maintenance.

To earn silver planes, if you’re playing constantly just get the cheapest plane you’ve unlocked in each category. If you just play once or twice a day, you can compensate a little bit by running fast-handling, low-lifespan planes (top of each category is SF34/F, E190, C130, A300 variants) so you can reach retirement with the fewest trips.

But I hear more than a few dedicated players say that you should just buy planes that make you happy!