Who is playing at LHR?

I have some M planes I would like to send to an active player at LHR.
I have L planes going to NGO or SAN.
And some X planes that could go … well anywhere.

If you’re interested you can send L & X planes to my IAD
Username- stuccoakash2

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Send anything to me at LHR: 7iUnuzttDJ1HGJe3dU5D

Could send some M as well

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Nocturnal Ninja parks your planes at night.


The offset moon threw off the alignment. A sad day for the OCD folks.

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Can you send me a M plane to LHR user is -Thooslook

Ready for you.

Send me planes to my Leipzig I play daily 24 hours a day my username is aguajet26 I accept L,X and M planes

Ty I’ll aceept on Sat k

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I don’t think I can send any X L or M to Leipzig from PRG

Are you still interested in connection?

Yes the problem is that my Thooslook account is on another device that’s getting repaired

I think I might aceept the contract at 8:15 Pm at my local time

No problem, they’re here when you get your device back.

Send them to my game 12 hours a day in LEJ my username is aguajet26

Aguajet26, can I send you L and X from IAD ?

I accepted the contracts last night at my local time

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I have extended my PRG airport and setup all the L and X parking spot for your planes.

Please feel free to send your planes to my PRG airport. Your planes will process in highly priority.

User ID: Bosco_Burton

Thank you!

Oh, Sorry for post in wrong thread.

I am very want to reach to LHR level (as learnt from many players that it’s a amazing airport.) I am trying my best to go to LHR airport level.

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