Why am I only getting S aircraft in the daily contract offers in LHR?

The local contact offer is always either a B463 or an E70 even though my airport is regional now.

iT HAPPENS to me

Because local is for local flights not regional. They are likely to be small or MAYBE medium for the budget airlines, and that won’t change. The other category that should now renew daily is the regional contract offers, and those could be small or medium as well… MAYBE large in a few cases.


you can get a new local contract for free every hour.
i have gotten A319/320s, just be patient

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Because there are a lot of S contracts the system can choose from, you really just have to wait and see. I got extremely lucky in my LEJ with a local B77LF pretty early on.

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The same thing happens pretty much everywhere, but occasionally you will get lucky and get something medium, or even large, or even Xtra large at some airports (I’ve rolled a 748F from Guangzhou at NGO)