Why are planes stopping during taxi at SXM?

I play SXM airport a lot and have noticed that planes stop after getting off the runway. Eventually, a lot of other planes get stuck behind the stopped plane and it holds up the runway. Usually S or L planes stopping in this one spot for no reason. Other landing planes and S planes that are Taxiing just get stuck behind it and it clogs up the place (super inconvenient considering the runway situation at SXM!!!) Anyone know what is causing this?

One of 2 reasons usually

  1. Back up of departure queue
  2. Aircraft about to pull out of a stand that was selected around the time of landing.

Incoming or taxiing aircraft will hold

It’s probably reason 1. Even though the plane is Taxiing to park this does usually happen when I have a lot of planes trying to pushback or a lot of planes in takeoff queue. Thanks for the help!