Why are there no Russian Airlines or Aircraft in the game?

Short Answer: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Following the Invasion of Ukraine, the developers took the decision to remove Airlines (Aeroflot and S7 as examples) and not add any Russian aircraft into the game. This is their decision alone. In support of the Ukrainian people. Note that while Antonov does have some Russian origins, it’s generally been accepted as being Ukrainian, hence why the A225 and others have remained in the game.

This thread will be locked to ensure it does not turn into a political justification either way, and also the current dispute between Israel and Palestine is not part of the discussion. The developers determined that EL AL etc, will stay in the game for the time being and that’s as far as it goes.

Until Russia withdraws from Ukraine, it is highly UNLIKELY that anything returns… some Russian destinations remain for airlines that are still in the game and will do for the foreseeable future.