Why don't WOA have a Go Around System if there's no Gates

Every plane has a time limit queue why can’t any planes have a Go Around System, if something unexpected happens?

Like what?

Like if no gate is available. I believe in the past their cards disappeared when no stand was available. And player planes (from other players) still do that. Maybe a go around would be smarter (the card disappears but will reappear after a few min).

Like if no gate is available

My recent experience is that no planes appear anymore for stands that are unavailable at least for my own planes and from connection partners. With the lack of other player planes I can’t say whether is also true for them.

Wouldn’t players who get a new contract from an airline who offers a contract, and when there are no more gates available, the airline will wait for a available gate to land.

In Reality Bad Weather usually need the plane to go around.

But do you want this in the game then? It means less planes coming in.

Gates are assigned before approach, so it is impossible for a aircraft to land without an assigned gate to handle.

Hi, that would be a nice feature. Also i had requested developer to have some rain/snow n landing issue during rain/snow, some delays like it happens in real life.