Why is NEO double the price?

Why is 319NEO double the price of the old 319ceo? I just realized it a little while back. Surely 8 passengers and 50nm of range doesn’t magically double the cost.

So why is it 101K when it should be more like 55-60k? And I don’t buy the whole “it’s a special plane” argument if you try that. It’s not concord, comet or one of the AN planes.

Come to think of it, a few mediums cost way too much, 738M (121k) and especially C130J at 167-freakin-K, that’s more than a 306F.

I assume because of higher manufacturing cost irl idk, I own both models and they don’t seem much different

The real life one is only about 10% more from what I see. Something like $101 million vs $92 million. I hope, if they add the 320 and 321 NEOs they don’t jerk us around with those, too.

It seems odd to me as well. Although if you want an answer this doesn’t seem to be the best place to find it since the people here can only speculate. I think the best place to find the answer is by contacting the devs directly through social media. Though if you don’t want to disturb them you could ask in the ask-the-developer channel located in their official discord server.

I will try to give you answer to this issue.