Why is the Bombardier CS series not renamed into Airbus A220 series

There are lots of things i question in this game that i don’t want to ask about
But the one thing i actually want to ask is why is not the BCS1 named A221?Same goes for BCS3.
In the future,we will have the Airbus A220neo(Also known in 2 names:
This game:Either A225 or A22N
And also irl called the A220-500)
Just why??

The game is using ICAO code rather than more commonly known IATA code for aircraft.

You can check this page for more information.


Wasn’t aware that this game is based of these codes.Thanks!I will delete this post!
Edit:Just found out i can’t currently!Well,good luck for me,i guess

There’s no such thing as the A220neo, the -500 model is a loose concept that is nowhere near being in production


The only thing i wanted by this is why aren’t the A220 aircraft named A221 and A223(that confused me),but since I found out(Thanks to Dreamliner from first response!),I can’t delete this subject even though I created it!(I actually feel stupid doing this subject in the first place.)