Why is the pay so low for this

So I’m quite new to the game, started like a week ago. Im still on innsbruck but I just had one question. I accepted a regional contract for a cargo 737 from cargoair (from east midlands airport) , and i was so excited since it was my first cargo contract. But I was shocked to see that it only gives 270 dollars, is this a bug or is it supposed to be this low?

I am also a bit shocked, a freighter this size should give you double at least… Do you have any screenshot if you experience this for the second time?

Yeah, i have a ss. Also forgot to clarify its a b734, which makes a small difference

This time it was 320 btw, it was 270 before

B734F has lower capacity (and lower MTOW, which is a very critical factor affecting the income you can get) than B738F… Click on the money number so you can have a breakdown of everything you get paid.

To get more income I suggest you to get B752F instead. You can expect 700 per handling.

Plus, have contracts with higher distance will make planes requests more fuel and slightly increase you income (but the trade-off is that they will make the return trip longer).

I have attached capacity of each aircraft to give you a better understanding.

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For ai contract, you dont pay fuel/maintainence/landing & takeoff fee, so ai only pays you handling fee.
For your only fleet, your income consists passenger or cargo ticket payment, and you pay all those fees to the airport.

Plus the overall income per plane is highly related to flight distance.

Tysm, I didnt know that the 734 and 738 has such a huge difference. Ty

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These numbers seem fair for that aircraft. Not a bug.

Yeah, I am quite new so mb

Do you need a plane to INN??

Nah im good, thank you tho

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I can almost afford Sint marteen anyway