Why this cut on money?

hey guys, it is now really hard to earn money… :wink:

what is the reason to such change??


Imagine you’d develop a game without ads and with ingame buys you almost cannot influence.
This is also hard earned money.
When you then get the info by players that it is too easy to earn money in the game. I would have the idea to make it as hard for the players as it is for me as developer.
It’s kinda regulation on both sides.

thanks for your answer, but its from another reality than I live in :wink:

game is game…

I agree, someone had the idea about load factors, so maybe rather than the draconian cuts in revenue, there is a decrease in revenue after the first flight as a disincentive of multiple flights to the same high revenue city.

I also understand the need to make money, but there is a middle Road.


The game is still pretty playable after the new update. You can still earn nice money. It just need more time. I like the update. It was soo easy and for free before.


I like the new cut since it was way too easy to earn money once you’ve reached a critical point of own aircraft, but I think there needs to be an adjustment made especially for your own fleet on long distance flights and even more for ultra long distance flights. it’s a bit strange that you earn the same amount of money for an 20 hours flight that you earn on an 8 hours flight, while you reach maintenance with the 20 hours flight much easier. so right now you can earn good money with S- & M-aircraft while L- & XL-aircraft seem to be a loss of money if you combine costs for refueling and maintenance.


I think those of us with a large fleet may have thought it was to easy to make money but we’d put our hours in & paid some money (I certainly did) & I didn’t think at that point there was any problem with finding it a bit easier. I guarantee that when we all first started & looked at the price of the A380 we never thought we’d make it, especially after the first atr’s dropped a 100w. The last thing I’d have wanted was an income drop, it cost me 15 million to get all my aircraft through the maintenance at IAD & when I started it was an unimaginable figure. I don’t think we should be making it harder for the new starters but making it easier to get them in & we should try to help them.


I agree, for us who have been playing for some time, I for example since when it launched the game, but whoever starts playing today will have a lot of difficulty growing in the game making them discourage playing, I think that way they will not influence them to buy a gold plane and give up the game.
I think it was a very radical change, for example IAD to SANTA CRUZ was 74 thousand the gain has now dropped to 14 thousand, I think a lot of difference.

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But for new players without any their own planes it is faster to earn money now. Because they get more money from standard planes. The income from nonplayer planes has rised 2-3 times!

Good point.

I have sold all my planes just before the update and am playing without my own planes (except the bonus planes and a738F which I bought out of curiosity).

Waiting SAN to appear I am currently at IAD. There I am making W 75.000 per HOUR with ingame planes only.


Has anyone noticed that the mileage between maintenance has gone up? I’m sure cat D on the 747 was went down to 360,000 but it’s nearly 500,000 now. Or am I mistaken?

I’ve noticed a few changes, route revenue has gone up slightly, and maintenance prices gone down. But I’m not sure about mileage. Might have done it so we get a longer lasting aircraft, but I’m not to sure.

Could this be attributed to the correction swifterik mentioned?

Here’s a little bit of math on how to burn money with a 747:

Until you reach maintenance D you have to pay 617.000w for a 747 (price of the aircraft, A-, B- & C-check)

If you’re sending this aircraft to destinations like BKK or SIN from IAD you’ll have a profit of approximately 10.000w after withdrawing costs for fuel. The distance for those flights is 8.500nm in one direction, so 17.000 nm for both directions. So you can fly those routes 29 times until you reach maintenance D at 493.000nm and earn golden planes. 29x10.000=290.000w income = 327.000w loss before you have to pay 200.000w for the D-check.

Let’s take routes that have the same profit but less distances like IAD-DXB (6.000nm). Here you can fly 41 times until you reach the D-Check and still create a loss of about 200.000w.

I don’t know how it is on other types like the A380 which I don’t use because of the really long refuelling time and I haven’t made a calculation for L-aircraft, but I assume similar results.

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Wow, that’s bad :open_mouth::-1:. I’ve started sending my Ls & Xs to ATL, MIA, even PHL & EWR just so I can try to make money with them. But they come back so quick & take so long to turnaround that I don’t go on IAD much now apart from connections :disappointed:. I don’t want to make any aircraft purchases at present as the next update might change it all again & make anything I buy worthless.


I believe it is clear by now, that the shorter the trip is, the most beneficial it is:
In terms of money earned per NM
In terms of money earned per minute
In terms of making more money before maintenance

If you use the shortest destinations, you can be profitable.

For example, flying a A380 from PRG to DOH will earn you 9757 (10940 minus 1183 for fuel).

The flight is 2276NM, so round trip is 4552NM.

An A380 can fly 488000NM till maintenance D.

488000 / 4552 = 107 PRG-DOH-PRG trips.
This will earn you 107 * 9757 = 1,043,999

An A380 costs 445000.
Maintenance A-D cost altogether 445250.
Total costs: 445000 + 445250 = 890250

So an A380 can give you a total profit of 153749 (= 1043999 - 890250)

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What about flights that used to take 12 hours plus, they might as well not be in the game now. Even your connection partners on the long haul routes lose money & the game advertises multiplayer as part of its attraction. You can make money flying B777s on the IAD - EWR route but how realistic is that? The only thing to spend money on after you’ve upgraded the airport is the aircraft & if your just going to buy them to throw on short to medium haul routes then where is the realism they’re supposedly after

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No realism and no real incentivs to support connections.

If things will not change - I will probably stop playing the game.