Will my game be reset after update?

So I saw the Phat Airlines Testing livestream. He said that airports might be reset if you havent reached Max level.
But in my case…I dropped playing INN, BRI and PRG after i unlocked the next airport.
Whereas my MCT, NGO and even LEJ is maxed out.
So will my progress still be reset just coz my INN and BRI are not maxed out?
And if it is…then I sadly will drop the game entirely coz I am not starting from INN again after maxing out LEJ. And I am sure many like me wont either.
Is there any official clarification from the Team?

The “Levels” (which you achieved with the aircraft handling points) at the airports will be reset.
Not the airports.

Testing has been on a completely reset game. But I have it on good authority that when it’s released you will have everything you previously owned

Thank god…Now i feel assured😂

Levels and handling vehicles will be reset because they’re both being reworked, but you’ll keep all gates, aircraft, arrivals, currency, etc. All arrivals will be converted to active contracts as far as we know.

I hope if handling vehicles needs a reset (what i totaly understand for the new update and handling services) that we also get some credits herefor so we get equal in the new game mode as me and i guess other players also have invest money in this.

There are no levels for handling units/vehicles anymore (hence you will not need to spend any money on that).

Also (As far as I know) airports setup will be retained (all stands for “old players” will be already at your airport) - and number of “Handling Crews” depends on number of stands - so you will have max number of handling crews (they are more important than number of individual eq.

You will have to buy equipment… its not a huge cost after all considering on any airport you dont really need max number of each.

Another thing (its just my opinion) that time invested is really huge to develop airport to completed but most fun with new system is to start without stands etc… :slight_smile: it allows to learn new mechanics better especially Contract system which is actually forcing concious playing not just brainlessly spamming buttons for 120 planes without even looking on the screen.

Above paragraph is just personal opinion you dont have to worry.


Too bad this didnt happen.

What do you mean? Everything that you owned previously was transferred, excluding airport levels.

Well except airport levels as airport leveling system is completely changed and it cannot be transfered.
Poeple just panicking - planes and old AI connections are in Transfer tab respectively in fleet and connections section.