Wind direction

Hi there,
Great work on the latest update!!
One question is the wind change. Is this including in this update or the next update?
How does the wind change work?

Thanks for the hard work WOA team!! :flight_departure::flight_arrival:

Not in this update as far as I’m aware, and I haven’t heard any specific timeline for it either

Very little info has been released. We have no timeline and little info about the wind system

I personally think that as soon as the first bugs of 2.3. have been fixed and there is a little ‘more’ time, the Tower Manager will be dedicated to the add-ons from the dev blog. From my perspective especially, they currently have no other choice than to focus on this.
The RWY problems need to be solved quickly.

And then I think they will deal with the wind direction as well. before that it makes no sense