Wingtip Wednesday!

Hello! I’d like to have a fun section where pilots, prospective pilots, or simply those who love to fly, can post aerial photos of their excursion! This also includes experience in a flight simulator via a screenshot. This doesn’t necessarily need to be on Wednesday, but I thought “Wingtip Wednesday” has a nice little ring to it. I’ll do my best to post a photo every Wednesday but encourage the rest of you to join in! I’ll start with one of my favorite photos on a flight I made from Port Townsend Jefferson County International (0S9) to Olympia Regional (KOLM):

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Climbing out of TFS going back to MAN onboard Jet2 737-800 G-JZHG in December 2017!

Here’s another one. Onboard easyJet A319 G-EZDL between MAN and BFS in August 2019!

And here’s a shot of the engine and wing of G-UZHP at BFS, from my return flight to MAN!

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Quite often in Doha when flying was fashionable, some decent view shots there always possible :slight_smile:


On board :top: airline.

Does anyone know what type of a/c it is? :hugs: :arrow_down:


LH to Shanghai - one of my most fav window/wing shot


Approach to Boston with Air Canada flight from Toronto

You have posted this a couple times.

That’s possible.:joy:

Its nine hundred ninety nine quadrillion nine hundred ninety nine trillion nine hundred ninety nine billion nine hundred ninety nine million nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine % possible. You understand?

That is just beautiful! Nice shot :smiley:

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FRA-GRU on a B747-8

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Seeing those pictures makes me go cry as I’ve flew only few times and I’ve never been at the window seat. :sob::sob:

Haven’t flown like 7 months…

(and my goal is to become a pilot)

Climbing out of SFO on the way to Las Vegas

I always want to see a pararell landing.

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I would as well

Climbing out of FRA onboard Lufthansa A380


BUD - MUC Lufthansa A320

MUC - LEJ Lufthansa Regional CRJ900


GRU-BSB on a A319