WOA 2.0 | Playing SXM

As mentioned earlier, I am going to learn 2.0 at INN and leave SXM for later.
I hope you will share your strategies, experiences, “oh sh***” and other pieces of wisdom for this new and exciting airport in this thread so we can all learn and prosper.

To avoid confusion, please keep your comments in this thread limited to SXM only.

Happy flying.


Hey I am in for this…I plan on starting with IAD.
Thats cause its a big airport…seperate runways…I have many arrivals unlocked of all sizes…and its the closest to SXM so maybe I can complete the connection achievement as many people will start SXM right away.
The next one for me will me MCT as I have my largest fleet there.

I actually plan on playing SXM immediately after the update. All my airports have been fully or partially developed. SXM will be perfect for getting used to the new gameplay since I will have to built the airport like we are used to so I wont be overloaded with too many planes.


Dont underestimate power of small planes and quick turnarounds (airport bonuses).

Dont have delayed connections without bonuses. (After roughly 40 levels cumulative all together in beta)

In terms of moving forward with the new way to develop our airports, what happens to our current player connections? Do they remain as a new contract from the get go or are they all cancelled and we have to start fresh connection wise?

But play wise, I’m on the side of going straight to SXM and developing the newest airport to get the most out of the new features, and then visit other airports every now and again like I currently do, especially PRG with its new models.

Connections are gone (there is also no 100 connection feature at least now - I have heard something about alliances… )

I think best airport to learn from is INN - just delete it and learn on basic one. SXM is to fun to play to make mistakes there hehe.

Also there is no “reset” airport function in 2.0 - only chance is still on old version for … short time that means.

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Rather surprised the reset airport is gone in 2.0, been there since the game was first released, if I’m not mistaken the current equivalent of connections is 10 flights between players now? I’m curious how that works regarding handling if a user isn’t active, would the current 4 hour timer still be a thing?

No it is very flexible no deadline/timer etc. Also planes are much faster - BRI BOS below 2hours for example - so there is a lot of things that makes game easier in a way.

Contract is 10 connections - AI contracts are progressive (1-10)

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Ah that’s great to see, also nice to see 757s can go transatlantic without the stopover!

As I can see the 757 pax model hasn’t been updated…

Eh I don’t like that. I kinda wish there was longer turnarounds, gives it the romanticism of traveling in my opinion.

Would be nice if they included an option to disable the fast clock and use real time, which would also help make things more interesting and challenging once players have built up the airport sufficiently.

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Uh, 2 hours for BRI-BOS is totally unrealistic. Maybe time was reduced for testing? As I really like the realistic character of WOA I hope so. With everything posted so far change will be massive.


Its SXM thread we shall stay on topic probably.


Getting the hang of it at SXM and ready to start serious playing there. So, fellow WOA’ ers, what advice do you have?

Currently 5 S stands and 1 M stand (with Terminal) available.

Where to go from here and with what?

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Expand to L - goal is still to have 1 star I assume you still not there - regional connections without paying silver coins will boost money income. Establish player contracts to IAD like maybe 2 of them. Keep rolling Otters they are high level probably greatly helping with leveling.

Thats about my advices i am rougly same spot now (even i did that in beta 4 times lol :slight_smile: )

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Suggestions for profitable contracts?

Well its demand based + distance + setup (cabin layout for bigger planes) - it always says - min profit (200+) as base but obviously it can be even 2x more or even greater income.

Pax planes with more premium seats have greater reach as well so it is always worth to look into that.

I am still figuring that out flying different planes to see profits/margins.

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Regarding contracts, unlike before, there are a limited number of them, is there an end to the contract you are working on now? I’d like to develop more lines with many different companies…

Question about contracts : after handling a plane I receive the notification that I can upgrade the contract.
Why shouldn’t I ? And when do I get a 2nd slot for the same airlines/destination ?
Or does it work differently ?

Other question :slight_smile:
my fleet has a red circle, when I click on my plane it does not show me anything I have to do.
any idea ?

One tweak I’d love is if I have an L or XL plane backtracking on the runway to take off, and I have an S cargo plane holding to take off, it would be great if the S cargo plane could take off whilst the L/XL is backtracking. Would speed up small elements of the gameplay