WOA 2.0 Release Bug Reports - POST HERE ONLY

With the impending release of 2.0. I have locked the previous threads and for immediate use am going to keep a single thread for now. Eventually will break them back out again.


I was working through the tutorial and got to the section where it asks me to tap on any green stand construction, however I have already unlocked all stands and I’m now stuck in the tutorial. As in all my airports are stuck in the tutorial. Even restarting the game puts me right back into the tutorial where I left off.

Apparently clearing the app storage or uninstalling and reinstalling the game will reset the tutorial and allow you to skip, but this means I can’t play the rest of the tutorial. So it’s still a bug in the tutorial.


The speed of aircraft landing and taking off on the runway is slow, static, and very unnatural looking. It looks broken compared to the old landing and takeoff animations. So I thought I’d bring it up.


The whole reason they changed it like that is so that the game can be more realistic. They did the calculations and found the ‘right speed’ the planes should be at when they land and takeoff. It seems unnatural because the old one was sped up. (I believe I heard this from somewhere)

Hmm. Perhaps the animation just needs to be tweaked a bit then, because on my device, the take off and landing speed looks the same as the taxi speed. It never increases, and it never decreases. It just looks the same all the time.

Are you able to provide a screen recording and help them out? I am a ramp agent myself, and the landing speeds for most aircraft I’ve seen look correct in the game. Unless yours is bugged.

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Not a bug, but a typo.

Nobody has seen that one in “No upcoming mingame”?


Here’s an issue with the handling crew logic I found.

I had one of my B744s arrive at SXM. The crew put chocks and cones as normal, then immediately after, they removed them and attached the pushback tug, and I saw the claim rewards button appear. I clicked it, and it switched to the begin handling button. Handling did indeed begin, but the ramp agents stood by the wings and the pushback tug remain connected for the duration of handling, as if it were departing.

The same occurred shortly after with a DHC6, but I did not notice the occurrence on generic aircraft.

I think you are correct. I took a screen recording and scrutinized it and I do now see speed adjustments in the craft which means it probably is functioning as intended.

Heres the video anyways: https://photos.app.goo.gl/E81GwLRnWTuz2czaA

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Hello, tried 2.0 for the first time now, as I have a large fleet (847 planes total) I fear the 2.0 game will be disappointing after anything I read so far. Entered the hangar at INN, leaving hangar was impossible. Clicking the red Yes-button had no effect…did not even come so far to transfer one of my 57 planes at INN :frowning:

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Ive lost all my progress and purchases after downloading the new update. I was at level 90 IAD with multiple destinations. Im at 0 now with nothing. I want my money back.

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I’ve lost all my fleet of airplanes. How can I get it back?

Did you look in the transferred section of the fleet menu? They should all be there.


Thanks for quick reply. You’ re right. I already found my fleet.

PRG X contracts did not come over to the new update. All but Cargo X contracts are gone so no X planes land at my airport anymore.

It is the opposite for BRI. All of the cargo plane contracts I owned before the update are gone.

Account name ChakramPrincess on iOS.

They are not in the transferred tab either.

First a big compliment for all the work you put into this game. Well done!
There is a wrong German translation in Yes/No messages.
Must be “Nein” (=No) instead of “Kein”.