Woa 2.0 runway option

Can you change runway for landing and takeoff in the new update or they is it still not an option in the new update?

That would require build reverse-logic for apron/runway traffic for all airports + coverage for more sophisticated logic on taxiways when change happens.

Another worlds no.

I saw Phat Airlines Trail on that 2.0 in Innsbruck I saw it take off on the left and landing on a different direction, Phat Plays WoA 2.0 BETA Test - Live - YouTube I remember in Innsbruck you land and take off on the same direction LIVE - Starting fresh in World of Airports - YouTube the 1.5 Innsbruck.

Doubt that. I’ve tested INN for 30+ hours never have found option to switch direction nor it chenges by itself.

Alright then.

Devs said in a past q&a it’s a feature they want to implement, but it’s not been officially planned or confirmed yet.


Please somebody can tell me if there’s a way to download the beta 2.0 of World of Airport ? Theam takes 10 years to release this update! I can’t wait anymore :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

No, it’s a closed test and tester were handpicked by the devs. They are completely restructuring the game and preparing it for future plans, so the long wait is absolutely necessary. Patience is key.

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Im waiting for it sadly

Something else! I unlocked a B757 NFNR airplane with silver planes and the B757 been locked right away after i bought it for a mountain of wollars. Now i can’t buy it anymore