WOA 2.0 Tips and Tricks - Gameplay

“A Filter in the map to search contracts at the airports, which offer them, would helpful with an overview of informations like: earnings per flight, flight miles, costs of the contracts,”

All that information is actually there. When you click on a destination, it will show you right away what options are available for that airport. (S/M/L/X plane types, Cargo and Passenger options and the potential revenue availability.

If you click on the “show offers”, it will then give you the choice of airlines to go for with their aircraft type and relative size. If you then flip the card using the arrow, it will tell you distance and time in the “info tab” and the profit in the "Economy tab.

Also when searching with your own aircraft, click on the destination will give you the estimated profit for that location.

What i believe is missing that would be very helpful is knowing the max number of handlers needed for the type. Although you can figure it out over time with general usage, sometimes it would help (especially for newer players) if it was there, so they know what they are getting into.

Thank you for your feedback Carlsberg,

yes i know how to create a contract, but what i meant is, i have to click at every airport, flip the card to see the contitions at the backside. That is a little bit complicated (but not a problem).

My idea is to show a list for all airports with the most important parameter of the contract and the possibility to filter the colomns to show as- or descending values of each criteria.

So it would be possible to find very fast the airport wich offer a contract with the maximum amount of earnig per flight for example or the shortest distance…

Atvantageous would be also an overview of these parameters in context to the individual categories S,M,L and X Planes of each airport. The best offers of contracts of an airport is not mandatory for all categories of airplanes available.

The contracts are offert from each airport are only different to cargo an passenger, but not the category of the airplanes.

Whilst already there, a possible development to the current system could be a search bar, where players can type in a destination or airline and then the game can show contracts which relate to what you typed in, maybe useful for the larger airports especially.

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Is the premium pass valid for all airports or would I have to purchase one at every airport?

One at each airport

And they vary in price significantly.
INN for example is 20 GP. IAD is 110

Phew, that’s a lot. I don’t think I’ll get them then.

If you generate enough silver planes you could convert them to GP to buy some of them

What happens if you buy one after you complete the levels, do you get all the rewards for levels you’ve already completed?

Yep. Done it myself


Hey what does cancel the contract means ? If you canceled already are you able to get back and if you have more contracts does come back to the airport?

Just like its name, you will cancel the contract. IMO contract is your ‘deal’ with airlines to handle this plane. I don’t recommend to do that because the final reward is a lot

I’m new to the game please tell me why at Prague airport am I getting medium and small plane contracts though I have large and one x stand?

I’d assume you haven’t unlocked regional (2 stars) or international (3 stars) flights yet, so the game will only give you local contracts, which at PRG are pretty much Ryanair and Smartwings 737s

it is worth noting, though, that the value of these premium passes is way more than the actual GP cost. if you have discord, then in the WoA official discord you can see tables made by a player (im forgetting their name) that show the relative value of the premium passes as being something like twice the price. very worth it.

i returned to the game after several months without playing a week or so ago, and despite having little knowledge of the strategy and low level, low value contracts, i am already about 15% of the way to the SXM premium pass. i dont play a ton, maybe 30 mins to an hour per day, so these passes are reachable without paying any money.

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2.0 overall is a great update, BUT the conversion as not done in a fair way. I’ve spent money on 1.0 and had All airports running at peak, with all vehicles and upgrades. Now I’m out of handlers at half the previous capacity. Please allign handlers to the number of purchased stands and not a random goal. This takes away the fun and I do not want to purchase something twice

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I am not sure what’s your mean? but it could be you don’t have unlock X/L slot ?

I’ve always struggle to earn cargo contracts, I’m currently own INN, BRI, SXM and LEJ and all the cargo planes were unlocked during events, players or level rewards

Is that normal? Specially with LEJ and the massive cargo terminals