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Hello how unlock antonov 225 and 124 please

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Only one piece on specific airports for levels… LEJ if I am not mistaken its not permanent unlock.

Pro tip to anyone who just download update - PLEASE do not go directly to biggest airport - just start fresh SXM or INN to learn new things. Dont transfer all of your own connections at once it will ruin your gameplay totally.

Geez devs should really warn players a little bit . I am almost in a position “I told you so”

Discord is total cancer already people are quite mad :slight_smile:


i have leipzig airport and i can’t unlock them

probably because its somewhere on lvl 40+ with premium pass active right ?

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Correct on the premium pass. And they are levels 50+
You can get them as contracts in the standard reward system

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What does it mean to upgrade a contract?

it is hard to get contracts, and it take 100 silver plant to change the other one . I don’t like this update 2.0 .


It means that you have moved up a level.
All generic contracts start at 1. When you upgrade it goes to 2 flights needed to be handled, then 3 and so on. I believe the max is 10. You can continue at 10 by extending the contract but it won’t go higher.

If you fail at a contract and are not in the red on the meter, you will be offered to extend at the same level.

I get that. But also you can earn silver planes much more easily than before as a trade off. Or you buy some?
Many play for free, it’s just going to take a long time if you go that route. Much like any game of this type

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Yes, I understand. It happened that I just started to play this game a few days ago, and just a few days after playing it, there was a big update , which made me very confused, because I charged some money, I directly played LEJ Airport, and then I found that the airport made Wollars too fast, and i buy some airplane, like B777…
Since the update, I don’t how to make more Wollars. lol

I can use big plane to earn more Wollars. but now, it hard to get big contracts.

Gotcha. Thanks.

Once you achieve the appropriate level, it will no longer cost silver planes.

For example, once you have leveled your airport to the international level, the international contracts will only cost wollars from then on.


Just dont buy regional and international untill your airport is 2 and 3 stars (then its only wollars not anymore silver planes)

Big fleet is useless in the beginning start only with 1 or 2 planes level them up so their contracts are 6 or 7 rotations and thats the point when they become very profitable.

WOA 2.0 Tips and Tricks - Gameplay继续讨论:Oh, cheers. It help me to keep playing this game.

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I thought our destinations would transfer over? IE for my fleet planes I do not have any available destinations for contracts so have to spend wollars to start new routes? Otherwise I see our destination contracts have indeed transferred over. This makes utilizing existing fleet planes difficult as each new route costs $$

Destinations do transfer over. Go to contracts, and hit “transferred” then transfer the ones you want. They will remain in that tab until you transfer or cancel all of them.

I don’t know if it is just me, but is it that not all contracts from version 1.5 carried over? Because in LEJ, I remember there was a Lufthansa A380, yet it isn’t showing up in my ‘transferred’ contracts…