WOA 2.0 Tips and Tricks - Gameplay

Here is my first experience with 2.0 at INN.

After starting up and transferring destinations and planes like a madman, reality hit as @shill and @carlsberg72 described.

I was inundated with stands, swamped with playerplanes, went overboard on accepting the player planes and finally drowned in the contracts. The “hired help” a.k.a. ramp personnel was insufficient to cope with the flood.

Cancelled contracts, sold additional player planes and started this morning again with what is left.

I now concentrate on “Handling crew” management en keeping the arrivals in line with the capacity. See what it brings.

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After a few days of playing, I found that the contract upgrade means that the next time you deal with the aircraft, gain experience and silver aircraft increased, I think this is great, so don’t cancel the contract at will. Premium contracts allow you to level up faster and earn more Wollars.

i think it should be right.

I keep getting a message that says "your connection with “XXXXX” to (insert Airport code) has been cancelled.

After I finished servicing the plane and send it on its way I get thgis message. I don’t see how to keep the contract going without sending the plane off after service.

What am I missing/doing wrong

Thats player connections issue - they know about it and it will land in 2.0X hotfix.

A strategy I’ve developed for SXM, as grinding wollars is pretty slow, is when you get a reward plane eg an at43, sell it before you assign a contract to it and use your wollars to build the airport infrastructure more quickly.

This won’t work for those like me who have unlocked every stand at all previous airports but for those who have most airports to unlock and build up, I would suggest doing this. Not only do you get wollars more quickly but also you don’t get stuck with a large fleet and not enough contract slots to use them all

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I’ve explored the ability to transfer my player aircraft from the 1.x version of the game, but I also recall there being discussion in the forum about adding the ability to transfer aircraft BETWEEN airports.

Is this feature included in the 2.0?
If so, how can I access it? If not, is it coming in a future update?

Mainly I’d like to be able to transfer a few of my surplus ATRs from my other airports to help kickstart SXM for less than the cost of purchasing new ones

They didnt managed on time (delayed anyway) to build plane transfer between airports.

Met a similar situation at IAD after transferring all my contracts… thankfully I made good use of ramp agents to prevent delays but I was quite a reality check :joy:

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I found the bug is really help for us, that’s When a lot of planes line up on the runway to take off, you don’t need to care about it, you can just quit the game. After a while, log back into the game and you will find that the plane waiting to take off has left.

Its not a bug its how server reads departures (from leaving stands). But ambitious players dont use that trick to get rid of que they manage queue.


Come on man ! I am ambitious player :joy: Just beat by “take off”.

Tip for SXM in particular, if don’t load up on GP’s, creating money is tough when the planes only bring you 80w per trip.
So make sure you supplement it with random player planes. A CRJ from IAD will bring in approx 337w, or roughly 4 times a DHC6.

Wait… does each plane need to land individually by our control? Can the planes no longer automatically land on an open Runway without us players manually controlling the landing? Basically like it was before?

Correct, all controlled by the player at present. Devs are looking at how they might reinstate some kind of automation, but for right now, all manual

I found that the best way to get money early is to get an AT76 from somewhere, using SP, where it gives lots more money than the DHC6, and with it being a short route, it comes back every 5 minutes or so

How do I sell planes in 2.0? With which button?

In the hanger in the my fleet section flip the card around and a red sell button will appear

But crucially it can’t have a contract assigned to it to enable you to sell it

Here’s something that I and potentially many others misunderstood. The planes in the premium and basic pass that dont have the tag of the airport do not unlock the plane. You will just be able to get it ONCE at any airport.