WOA 737 livery

Hey all. Is there a way to unlock the gold WOA livery on 737? Is this a exclusive thing like Concorde? Thanks. XX

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No, you cannot unlock this livery for your own aircraft.

What was it used for ?

It’s for Devs only iirc.

There’s an achievement where if you handle enough aircraft it would arrive at your airport and give you a bonus of 1 gold plane

Let me rephrase. How do I get this plane??

Oh, I haven’t even seen that yet. I’m sure @SainsburysVan is correct, it is a dev only livery.

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To be exact, a livery only available to backers of the indiegogo campaign i think


I wish I could go back in time. It’s a beauty

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Yup! It was part of the IndieGoGo Campaign.