WoA Discord Help!

Hi everyone!
Mr. Frosty here, does anyone have the new discord link I recently changed accounts due to being hacked by a troll 2 times already.
I tried joining the server via a previous link which is in the forum but unfortunately it does not work.
Help would be appreciated!!
Thank you

You can use the Discord button on the WOA homepage in the game.

I tried that it doesn’t work unfortunately
It says the link is expired/invalid

Try this one:

It didn’t work :frowning:

If you can
Could you tell the mods to unban me as they had to ban me because of a troller who hacked my account and did some nasty stuff to the members of the server.

I’m sorry, but I don.t know how to do that.

Can somebody else in this forum help him?

If you’re in the server you can try and ping the mods and tell them about the situation?

I am not that familiar with Discord. Just visit occassionaly.

Ah okay i see no problem
I’ll just wait for someone in the forum who can help me out
But thanks!!

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If the link doesn’t work then it’s because the ‘hacker’ has done a mess in the server and got banned.

When he got banned, the ban also banned me, I can’t access the server on my backup account I created

Hey MrFrosty, what is your account name?

I sent this thread to the mods in discord.

My account name is: Sir. Frost#3025

Brand new link, try it

Doesn’t work mate, unfortunately it says link invalid or expired

Hi mate!
Have they responded yet?


Also why do you have two different accounts on the forum. Sus.

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It’s because I used a temporary email and I didn’t think someone would respond and then you responded so I had to make another account.

As in connection issues?