WoA Flight time spreadsheet

In the Discord, I made a discussion about the M planes’ lifespan since I accidentally discovered it when I was calculating for my GP fleet’s lifespan. I managed to find out that all M planes have about the same amount of flight hours required to get to maintenance. I can’t remember when I posted it, but you can probably find it if you just scrolled up in the Gameplay Discussion channel. Yesterday, someone asked about the Concorde’s lifespan. In response to that, I felt obligated to make this spreadsheet.

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Every plane shows the same lifespan about a 1000 hrs.

Yeah, that’s the thing about the new economy. The devs leveled all of the planes’ lifespan to the same level. I got a hold of the old numbers of the Saab, Saab’s D check used to be more than 2000 hours.


I’ve updated the spreadsheet, now it includes the planes from the old economy. Now you can see the difference between the old and the new economy planes.