WoA in Apple’s IOS 15 Beta Program

Hi everyone :wave:
Quick question…
I’m thinking of joining Apple’s Beta Program but since the game has some issues in terms of battery draining and overheating and etc…
I’m quite worried something may go wrong with the game and my device (iPad 7th Gen)
Meanwhile I’m waiting for Apple to fix common issues and etc… before I can download the beta which will take a while.

I have the exact same device as you, I’ve also noticed my battery draining quickly (as with most other games) and the device getting hot. Is iOS 15 supposed to improve battery life or something?

I am experiencing battery drain but not overheating I only experience overheating when an update comes out
But for the other apps on my device work perfectly fine and no battery drain which is weird.
IOS 15 is supposed to bring new features for the iPad and fix the battery life too.
Also since the weather here in the UK is hot it could be another reason that your device is heating up.

Yeah, it has been getting hotter than normal these past few days, could explain some of the issue. I have had the device getting hot for quite a while. Hopefully the performance update and future software updates will reduce the issue and the amount of crashing.

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