WoA on the Amazon Appstore?

With the recent announcement of Windows 11 and the apparent feature to be able to run Android apps, available in the Amazon Appstore, through Windows 11. I was wondering if it’d be a good idea to add the game onto their app store to technically turn this game into a “PC” game.

Well it could be added to the Microsoft store, there’s some mobile games on that, it would be nice to see woa there

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I still prefer Steam

Found this old topic searching for WOA on Amazon Appstore. I’ve done all the steps necessary to finally get the Amazon Appstore installed and running on my Windows 11 machine. The very first app I searched for was WOA. And to no surprise, it isn’t available. In fact, the available apps are quite limited.

I’ve found instructions on how to get the Google Play Store installed instead, but they’re much more involved and might even be a little risky. So I guess I’m just going to wait.

Another alternative is to install and use BlueStacks. I successfully used that on my Win10 machine to play WOA in the past.

I play on both version of BlueStaks 4 and 5. And no see any major problem.