WOA Soundtack

The new version of WOA has no soundtracks or anything like that. Wouldnt it be fun to have one? Like, I prefer the “Dont Stop” soundtrack when it was actually used in the game when it was released.

It would be nice to have this legendary song back again but I am not sure as there may be oppositions against me as this might make the game lag. But still, I request to have this as a consideration and maybe add it to the game.

Thank you

Wrong place bro… post it in Bug reports please

Woa does have a soundtrack…

It does, just turn off silent mode on your phone, which is probably why you can’t hear it.

Turn on soundtrack in the settings
I can literally give you a Playlist with the new soundtrack too

I know that the current version of WOA has a soundtrack. I just recomennded the old one because it sounded cool. Actually I used to play the game 4 years ago which I restarted a few days ago and as I couldnt hear the old one which i guess many of you dont know about, I just stated it. I meant to say that if it could be put back but I guess it couldnt be.

Search “World Of Airports Don’t Stop Soundtrack” and new players could listen to it.

The soundtrack you mention has been moved to their first game AirportPRG. The devs haven’t explained why they made this decision as far as I know. But my guess is they replaced it with the new soundtracks since ‘Don’t stop’ got too repetitive being the only song in the game at that time

Or just
Look on spotify

Well, we could request a few more songs like this to be played in the game.

I am sorry if I am interfering with this topic to much. Understood that it couldnt be added back.