WOA videos

I have started making WOA videos on my channel, if anyone is interested in watching.
Playing NGO Nagoya World Of Airports #1


Already got a copyright claim :skull:

I literally got this from a no copyright sound folder

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Second video going up!


Plane_Enthusiast can you continue the videos I love it.

Shorts or WOA vids?


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Yeah both

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Sorry, I thought I had uploaded shorts, but turns out I hadn’t. Got a few more coming out every day. I think I’ll do WOA videos every week


Great can’t wait

Hey :wave: when are the video going to be uploaded?

Hopefully on Sunday for the WOA vid


Ok, so I record and edit on my iPad using CapCut, and the file seems to have got corrupted and took out 10gb of my storage, so I had to uninstall CapCut, and I lost the file, so HOPEFULLY I can re-edit the video and get it published tomorrow (as it’s 2pm for me) but right now, I haven’t got the time or the patience. If you notice the video looks worse than usual, that is why

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Video uploading at 12pm UTC (if it processes fast enough)


Oh my lord I do not trust no copyright ever again
Should I even put music in my videos?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Try and be decent at finding no copyright music
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What has happen with the videos?

If you are talking about the copyrighted ones, they have no impact, so they will stay up

I’ll leave this poll up until Friday

You can use music from the youtube library copyright free

Could you show me where to find that