WOApedia Does Not Show Flights to Non-Playable Airports

Don’t get me wrong I love the woapedia, but often times when looking with the base as one of the playable airports I find it annoying that it only shows flights to other playable airports. If there is a setting that I’ve just haven’t seen please tell me. If there isn’t I think it should be added. I just find it too fiddly scrolling though all the airports in game in the connections tab to find airplanes from non-playable airports going to the airport I’m playing.

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I’m not sure what your saying here?
The woapedia shows every possible arrival into the playable airports, not only arrivals between them
Maybe you need to scroll down on the airport list?

I just went and checked. And it seems there is no option to show flights to non-playable airports like you said.

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Click the button that says “base Muscat”

you mean like russian airports and ukrainian airports exciting but haiving no flights

And then what? It still doesnt show all flights to MCT

You need to find them by going through their bases, you cannot sort by where they arrive as of now, ex Zurich for edelweiss flights etc

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Thank you I thought it showed arrivals too but I guess I wasn’t right and and I can only see departing flights.