Woapedia - missing Planes

Hi guys!

I have filled my WOAPEDIA and unlocked all airplanes.
I assume that all airplanes including events can be found under the “Airplane” tab. Under the tab “Airline” are all airplanes that can be unlocked via contracts.

I am missing 3 airplanes and I have no idea where to find them. I have searched through all airports and destinations.

K-Mile Asia - B734F (Homebase BKK)
Lion Air - B738 (Homebase CGK)
UPS Airline Europe - A306F (Homebase maybe Belgium?)

As I said, I have searched all airports in the appropriate range, but cannot find them.

Does anyone have an idea or has seen them?


I’ve seen a 306F for DHL at Athens for LEJ if that helps?

No, but thank you!
It’s specifically about unlocking the UPS Europe type in Woapedia. :slight_smile:
DHL A306F is already unlocked.

By the way: I think it’s great that Woapedia has returned and that you can see all unlocked airplanes there! Thanks for that!
Only there you can see the beauty and details of the airplanes! InGame you don’t even notice some things.

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Can tell me the way to achieve all…

It’s there any option to Download data…

No, the only option is to complete all contracts and take part in the daily events. The planes with special livery also repeat every few weeks or months.

And I “only” have 714 out of 805. I think the rest are all events

The k-mile is I guess event only now
The lion air is event only
Ups I beleive comes from somewhere in the UK but I cannot find it at all at any airport so I’m unsure

Thank you for your feedback

@Krankenwart Can you publish a list of available planes?

theres over 700 of them

so it would be quite as easy for you to do it as for him to.

I’ll publish the list when I complete them all! @Thatflyerguy

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The calculation is pretty simple.
I was able to unlock all the airplanes under the “Airline” tab.
The blocked ones are unfortunately still the ones I mentioned above.

Apart from that, all aircraft can be found. Under the tab “Airplane” there are still some locked, but I assume they are all events with special livery.

Thanks. I am starting today. I was just worried I would searching for “special planes” that aren’t available

for the ana A380 there are 3 types of liverys but you can only see one in the woapedia

That’s wrong. In addition there are 3 livery’s. All of them you can find under „airplane A388“.

Special livery are always not categorized by Airline (don’t know if it’s a bug)

Wish they would say if special livery so we dont have to search for it a long time.

last time it did’t show me that so okay thanks :smiley:

I think it was MCT @Metscott