Woapedia - missing Planes

Could you tell me where in what airport or destination to find this plane or is it a special event?

Its a special event at PRG

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Thanks for the information, God bless you.

No??? It’s literally local arrival at PRG?

@Thony333 as shown above, can be found at prg as far as a 738 can reach, it’s under smartwings

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Thanks for the help, I’ll buy it right now.

Anyone know where i can find these livery…??:face_holding_back_tears:

All are events to my knowledge

Yes, Events.

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I think you can get the Italian air force a319 from CIA at BRI

Nope. Can’t find it.

I literally have it? It must’ve been removed then

Was it an Alitalia or ITA A319 before the remodel? It’s not a contract you can get in the levels and you can’t get it from any airports.

No, I remember buying it as a Italian air force contract

yep, could not find it either

My only explination is that it was removed pretty quickly