WoApedia Plane Consolidation

I know bugs are to be reported to the dev email (I reported the ATC counting a bit ago), but I just wanted to make sure this even was a bug before reporting it. When I went into WoApedia, I noticed some airlines show up as a separate plane type even though they’re exactly the same (as far as I can tell). The example in my screen snap is the A320s and B752s.

I’m not sure, it might be different engine types?

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It’s in preparation for future aircraft variants, like the 757 being split into Pratt & Whitney or Rolls-Royce engines


Thanks both yall! I figured it could be variant and/or engine type but knew they weren’t separate in-game types yet like B753. I’m so excited for the A320 re-work because good lord that’s a rough model. That and the A350 and 744.

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332 and 333 can show up as duplicated because in V1 they were set as 332 And 332RR (same with 333) in V2 everything got shortened


A350 yes but uh, the 744 is already Gen 3?

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You’re right I knew it felt wrong haha. I meant the 744F and I think the 748s but I don’t see the ladder often enough to remember clearly.

I also wanted Devs to update routes/destination on the Woapedia

I also wanted to say
How long does the collected livery stay in new. Coz for me all of the liveries I collected since the update are still classified as new.

I think till you click it

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Then it leaves new

It eventually shows as cleared, see sample from my game. Plenty of picked up options, not saying “new”

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Right thanks