Wollar earings


Please reduce time to earn Wollars…

It’s took 3 hours to earn Wollars, after claiming the current…

Earlier it’s gap was 5 mints only

Please do the same

Do you mean by claiming the free reward?

I don’t think it has ever been 5 mins, but someone can correct me

It was bro

Firstly it was in bri then it was in IAD

At INN and PRG it used to be 20 seconds

So are you taking about the free reward or something else?

wait wtf? it used to be five mins or 20 sec???

Hes talking about the free rewards

It was very less time not that much

In INN and prg it was. Thats how I 3 starred INN in just 5 days

Whattt how?

It’s only 500W…