Can anyone teach me how to get more money when starting on a fresh new airport?
I’m starting at BRI

Short duration generic flights and connections with other players are the main two


The best way to make money is to use it on routes that make the most money, slow at the start but very effective in the long run.

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Just handle planes. At first it will be slow, but when build up, you will get a lot of wollars.

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  • Get as many contracts as you can from the free, 1h cooldown offers until you’re at full contract capacity. You can always cancel the bad ones later if a better one appears. Also get the random player contract aswell, while it won’t net you much SP and XP, you still get the wollars;
  • Handle the planes manually if you have the real life time to. Automatic handling is good if you can’t pay much attention to the game, but it costs you wollars and occupies one extra handler, which is specially bad at the very beginning;
  • Remember to claim the free 500 wollars, and watch videos for the extra 500 if you feel like it;
  • Buy the Premium Passes as soon as possible! You’ll get more wollars and planes as rewards, they help a lot;
  • Prioritize handling your own planes favouriting them and filtering for favourite planes-only while handling, they give you more wollars then AI planes. Keep in mind that while you might find a better route then the playable airports, sending your planes to playable airports won’t cost you wollars to set up the contract, and depending on the price, this cost may end up setting you back in early development, so I’d recommend choosing a playable airport as destination. Check all in range to see which one will earn you more wollars, sometimes it’s even negative!
  • Buy golden planes (GP) with real money or with silver planes (SP). Since you’ve played INN, you should have at least 3000 SP. You can either buy the weekly offer (10 GP for 10.000SP, meaning 1.000 each GP, a better choice if you have all the 10k SP) or the daily (1 GP for 1.500 SP) and then exchange them for Wollars at BRI at 10.000 wollars per gold. While this might sound as a bad strategy and people might recommend you saving the GP for premium passes if you are a free to play (F2P) player, I don’t see it as a bad strategy exchanging a couple GP for wollars at BRI and PRG. The reason is because you struggle a lot earning SP when starting the game until mid-late BRI and early PRG, when you finally start making more SP then you can convert into GP. So the sooner you expand into BRI and PRG, the sooner you’ll have plenty of SP to buy the 1 GP/day and 10 GP/week. If you do things right at BRI, you might have enough GP to buy the premium pass at PRG (30GP) at the very start, and maybe some spare to exchange for wollars. As a reference, if you play everyday for about one hour, it’ll take you 2 weeks playing BRI to save between 30-34GP.
  • When first starting PRG, don’t save GP for IAD’s premium pass, it’s 110GP and you won’t make it in time. Use all the GP for the 3 first premium passes (INN, BRI and PRG) and to fast track PRG/IAD buying wollars with GP. IAD is so good of an airport the premium pass is not REALLY needed, and in no time it will become your first infinite SP paradise. Long term, you should still persue buying IADs premium pass, some very nice rewards there like the Concorde. This is a great game and it’s a very small, enthusiastic and dedicated dev staff. If you can afford it, by the time you reach IAD, you should have played enough to know you liked the game and it’s worth recognizing the devs effort, so you could buy the “recommended” GP pack for 100GP. Add some 10GP you have saved from PRG, and you may start IAD with the premium pass on, it will be a whole new experince with those big planes of your own :slightly_smiling_face:

Last but not least, have fun playing!


I’ve follow your ways, it really helps .


Agree with all points except buying wollars w GP. NEVER do that. Instead, use aircraft that you can claim at all airports, which you get from the pass, and sell the planes at iAd

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Well, he can do both, they are not exclusive. If he is a F2P player, it’s not like he’s gonna save 110GP by the time he starts IAD anyway…

Perhaps you started playing a long time ago and forgot how hard it is to save 20500 SP per week playing only INN and BRI at the beginning, but I just did it twice very recently. And I can tell you, it’s very hard to get to that point before mid-PRG, or even mid-IAD, if you don’t play much.

The idea here is simple: playing INN and BRI only, let’s say you save 10k SP per week. That’s 10GP. Let’s say you’ve spent 5GP at PRG converting into Wollars, and I’m not saying you should spend all that much. With those 50k extra Wollars at the very start, you’ll construct stands, buy equipment, maybe even buy some very close range contracts… you’ll get hours, perhaps days faster to the point you manage to save 20,5k SP per week, meaning 17GP. And you’ll get much faster to IAD, where you’ll never have to worry about SP again. 17GP - 5GP you spent = 12GP, which is more then the 10GP you were doing before.

Just to clarify: I understand this strategy is only valid at the very beginning, to speed up how fast you get to PRG or even IAD. After you have a steady 20,5k SP/week income, then I fully agree, you should save all GP you can to buy premium passes, planes, etc.

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Yes but you can save the GP by selling claimable planes, there’s no need to waste 5 gp