XP collection fails

This does not happen every time. Sometimes when a contract is finished and you click collect reword, the XP is not added. Not sure if SP is added as well when that happens because I’m always looking at the XP.

Ipad OS, latest version

Again, not every time, but still frustrating sometimes

Hey mate! Are you sure your XP isn’t being added? The game has the visual where the XP ‘floats’ into the level indicator, but in reality, the XP is added as soon as you press that ‘claim’ button.


Thank you for replying! Yes I noticed that the animation is actually later than XP being added. But I do remember comparing the XP before and after I clicked ‘claim’.

I will try to take a screenshot and let you know if I see this again.

Again, thank you so much for answering and explaining :slight_smile: