Xp points after service?

Had a regular plane finish and push away from the terminal without giving xp points. This plane is built up to 121 xp points but I didn’t get prompted for them and it just left the airport. What are the game parameters for planes giving xp points cuz the 121 was going to give me enough to claim the international status and nothing happened.

Was it one of your planes (fleet) or a commercial airline (i.e., United Airlines)? Commercial flights will give you your XP when they depart while your own fleet planes give you the XP when they return to your airport on the next leg.

Generic planes: get xp after 1 then 2 then 3 etc. up to 10 flights. You will get them after the aircraft has completed servicing at your airport and the appropriate number.

Your planes: if going to a generic destination, as above BUT you get the xp once the aircraft has completed the final rotation back to your airport and you get them before servicing begins.
If going to a WOA airport but not to a player. Same as above
If going to a WOA airport but to a player. 10 times only before you get anything and you get them after the final rotation and before next service

Player planes : 10 times only and you get the XP after last servicing complete

Random or Event aircraft: 1 time only, get XP after servicing and then they depart no further cycles will take place



Also to note, if the satisifcation is yellow. You’ll just be offered an extension with no rewards. If the satisifcation is red then the contract will terminate.


It was not one of mine. It is an X large regular that has built up 122xp points. It hasn’t been promoting for xp points claims the last couple times it’s been here. Sorry for the delay response. Appreciate you responding to me.

Is there a way to see the current status of an airplane’s xp points? In other words determine if it has gone over its contracted stops and is no longer giving xp points?

How many airplanes (round trips) does it have in its current contract? Screen shots would help. Not sure if we are misunderstanding or vice versa, but it should only give more xp, sp, and options to upgrade and/or extend the contract when it’s completed those round trips. That increases each time you extend/upgrade until it reaches 10. Then after that you just keep extending for 10 more but it can’t be upgraded any further. The only thing that’s guaranteed every round trip is money.

It’s a Korean airlines X large plane. One of the first heavy contracts I got for NGO.

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Are you saying after the contracted 10 handlings, that same airplane contract can continue to upgrade to another contract of 10 handlings, and I’ll still get the xp points but they’ll be maxed out (never increase) and won’t build any further? But, I’ll still get the xp points…?

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Exactly! So right now, you’re only at 8, so you can “upgrade” 2 more times, then it’ll be at the max xp/sp per contract for 10 round trips. It looks like you’ve completed 5 of the 8 for this contract, so 3 more and you’ll get xp/sp and be able to upgrade. If you click the square that says “upgrade” with the two chevrons, it’ll show you a chart of what levels have what xp/sp for that contract. Once you upgrade to the max level contract, that square will disappear, and then you’ll only be able to “extend” that same contract for that ending xp/sp amount over and over.

Awesome! Thanks for your help.

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