XP points not always being counted

If you watch your xp total at the top left of the screen, when you claim rewards for airplanes, the total doesn’t always change. I’ve watched it enough now that it’s impossible to not think it’s on purpose, like a casino that’s setup to make money on you, not to give it away.

If it’s a real bug fix it. If it’s setup to miss a few reward claims here and there, fix it. That’s wrong!

Either way users spend a lot of time building their airports and going through the time grind (& in app purchases) to get to a point where their planes and contracts pay out bigger xp points so they can get to the next level faster, get bigger planes, bigger contracts, more wollars, etc. When I see my total not change after claiming 36xp points or 12, or 56, randomly, it’s impossible to not think we’re being cheated on purpose. It’s upsetting.

feel free to send it to the devs via the process in the pinned post for this section. Personally I have not seen this issue and want to remind you that you only get XP/SP when you fully complete a contract level, the only item you get each handing are the wollars. But please send to the devs, in case they can see something that I can’t.

Right, about the wollars. However, I’m talking about when you are prompted to claim your experience points and the animation shows the experience points going up to the xp icon and the points are added to the total xp points. I’ve watched the total not add up the new points added to the total. It appears to be random. Either way I don’t like when I have so many seasoned contracts with high experience points show that they are being counted towards the total only to see the total not add in the new numbers. I’ll try to read some more about the process when I have time and see if it’s really my miss understanding.

No, I know what you are talking about. I’ve never not seen them get added. But that’s just me, however I do have a lot of contracts so it would be fairly obvious if they weren’t adding correct. Particularly at SXM where I am close to completing level 50. I am watching them like a hawk and everything has been added correctly

I think Aardvark111 is seeing what I thought was a bug but is just an annoying feature.
Each time I get to the claim rewards pop up I eagerly look to see how much closer I am to completing my current level. I click to claim my rewards and nothing happens to my count of XP points. And that is because sometimes they have been added BEFORE I click to claim.
There is no bug that denies us XP. But the way that the XP are silently added before clicking to claim is annoying and denies the user a sense of achievement. Changing the code so that the achievement totals only increase after clicking to claim should be considered by the devs.