Yeah, What Do You Guys Think

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Based on what I know, not a totally unreasonable estimate. However I’ve seen them get delayed for many reasons. So I’m not going to say that’s exactly going to be the time-Frame


We have not had any liveries added onto threads so it is a while off yet. It will come but I don’t know about you but I prefer a good update that takes longer rather ran a fast, buggy update. Can’t wait for the 787!


I don’t think so. It’s already in Beta test…


Well there we go :joy:

Do we know if the 787 family will have rotating fan blades? Because the A220 did not but the 777 + 747 did.

Wasn’t it said the A220 would receive them in a future update?

I think I saw in an IG comment that it will have spinning blades, the A220 in particular just had some issues and will get it later. Can’t confirm that at the moment though.

I received the reply