You know with the next update

I was wondering if they will keep the Tail and Wing Camera, If they remove that, fine, but I really hope it’s permanent?

I don’t think they will remove the tail and window view (wing) because it was a high demand from our WOA fans plus it’s a huge competition with the other game like Unmatched Air Traffic Control (UATC).
WOA game is the greatest airport /airline management game since 2000. It is better than
games like

Airport Tycoon 1,2,3
Airline Tycoon 1,2
Airport Simulator 1,2,3
Airline Sim
I am Air Traffic Controller 1,2,3,4 plus expansion airports

I am giving WOA :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2: star star rating !:flight_departure:

It’s still new so doubt it’ll be going anywhere any time soon. However I do wish the devs would lower the camera to a more realistic position, so the camera is lined up to the passenger windows.

Hope they will keep the fleet/mini games camera glitch

Doubt that. The last time we had it they tried to fix it. Unless a lot of players will ask them to implement it we probably won’t have it in the game next update

I wanna edit but I can’t, I should have screenshot my post to their Gmail, and they replied that they will probably keep the tail and wing view, still not sure about the Landing Mini Games Glitch though.

I would like to see small and I would say easy change to this game - I sometimes like to watch planes to take off but in this game the camera ends as soon as aircraft leaves runway although it is still visible for another good 15 seconds and its in the middle of the whole runway (map). I would like the camera keep going and be locked on the deprating aircraft longer. Models are great quality and its really a joy to watch them take off, especially during night with all the nice strobes and navigation lights on :slight_smile: