Zero Inbound Passengers

Dear all…

Mostly been playing WOA with real world airlines and contracts based on the airport I’m playing.

In the early days I sold my reward aircraft as had no interest running my own fleet, but recently changed tact.

Originally sent them to random, distant airports for W’s but have since moved them to playable ones, set to random player connection based on research showing me they produce better returns.

But kindly enlighten me as to why my inbound aircraft don’t have any passengers? Is it because it hasn’t been handled by an online random player at the destination airport? Is that the risk of not setting up an actual connection with a specific player?

Kind regards

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When a contract finishes it doesn’t load passengers for the return, once you upgrade the contract it will be filled on rounds trips more often


Also the case for delivery flights to :slight_smile:

More often?

I’ve now upgraded the contract to the 3 green aircraft level and often it’s still empty mid contract not just the last one to base before you upgrade it…

So this is normal?

In the middle of the contract? The only time it should be zero is when all of the aircraft symbols are green (right before you can level it up)

You would need screenshots of that and send it to the devs
As noted, should only happen on delivery and once a contract is fully completed

Ok thanks guys…

I’ll double check the next time I’m in game