I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I really have a hard time reading the small text and numbers, even on my large phone. I’d like to have a pinch to zoom to see what’s going on in the game, eg how much time I have left. Note 10 Android 9

It does zoom but not much.

I sometimes use the Magnifier Window to read, I can read small text but WoA sadly has way too small text and gives a headache ;-;

If you need it
System Settings > Display > Visibility Enhancements > Magnifier Window

You can minimize the window when not need and it would pop back where it was when needed

Yes, this works fine as a workaround, thank you.
Still, if they could implement the zoom function, extending it to the menu items and cards, not only to the scenery, it would be helpful.

They need to make a new UI which has bigger text overall lmao