1.30.9 ~ Anyone seen it?

Any idea what it fixes or makes playable?

Is this what you are looking for?

  • Destinations filter (S/M/L/X) - update
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Airplanes (partner connection) timeout in arrival queue - fix
  • Overexposed rewards texts - fix
  • Sustained performance mode - update to reduce battery overheating
  • Waiting time of airplanes in arrival queue will be extended - update (to give more time for decision for stand assigning)
  • Bus position for ATR airplanes - fix
  • PRG airport night lights - fix
  • Bugs while unlocking player airplane liveries - fix
  • A320, A332, A319 doors position - fix

No, I saw that. Thanks (good to have it here).

I thought it dropped into iOs/Android downloads, but not yet.

I wasn’t sure anyone on here is privy to seeing/testing it and if it makes the game playable.

honestly looks like they are still adding to it, given the additional notes on there. i suspect it will show up later in the week, like the previous ones. Normally takes 12-24 hours from submission to Apple/Google for it to show up in the update stores.

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Thank you, mate. Definitely appreciate all of your updates here.

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Hopefully soon, seems performance is being updated (potentially due to the amount of lag recently?) Also congratulations on becoming the new forum moderator!


Thank you, I appreciate it, I am sure I will be looking for help in certain corners at some point if folks are interested, but I need to walk before I run on this one,

I’m a big fan of the destination filtering, which looks like it’s coming in conjunction with the ability to adjust your routes. Now I would love the hangar to be filtered by airport, it’s now in airport order by type, but it’s still a lot if you have big fleets


I’d assume that the destination filter will be like the one for our player aircraft? Seems to come across that way. I’m curious about this ATR bus position fix, to me it seems fine. The BAe 146 and X aircraft on remote stands have an issue where they only load passengers from the rear door.

Well done on your new position mate, best man for the job :+1:


Congradulations Andy.

Can you give update. Are the devs testing it. For example as beta tester of app in Playstore. Is Google and Apple looking at app if they add it to there stores(iOS and Playstore)

I’m sorry is this a “give me the update early” comment or am I just really stupid

Congrats from me too. Your contributions in this forum are highly appreciated.

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No it was asking for state update. But i see its releases now

But please a major update will be price adjustments, if we all decide on a formula to calculate the price, taking into consideration, the distance, the fuel flow, the payload, seat per mile etc, I volunteer to help to submit adjustments if possible or not enough time for developers to do.
Many thanks

Out for iOS. Just installed.

there would also be a classification in seats
like economy or premium or buisness class
you can take that into consideration too!!

Having a quick play, the new disable arrival system is very simple. Literally just tapping onto the flight (airline arrival, not entire route) you no longer wish to use. Filter for aircraft types is really handy also. Is this possibly the pathway to being able to sell routes in the future?

All I am going to say on these subjects. Is that they could well be on the future roadmap. I don’t have any inside knowledge of how or when. But I know these sorts of things have been discussed.

Wasn’t the game released with aircraft in a multiple class configuration? If I recall the A380 originally had a capacity of about 400-600, compared to the 800+ it is now.

I really have no Idea about this coz I started playing the game in september 2020
But I would like to have a feature having seates based on multiple classes