2.1.0 Release notes

New Airplanes

  • B788
  • B789 (Advanced airplane model)
  • B78X

New Features

  • Tower Manager (Approach, Departure, Ground, Delivery)
  • BRI Bari airport model update
  • Game size reduction
  • Unification of items in the store for all airports
  • Arrivals from destinations update (map contracts; Eurowings from HER and RHO, Jet2 from BRS Bristol, …)
  • New destinations (NPL Naples; USCG destinations for IAD and/or SAN: ECG, ADQ, MCC, JRF, PIE)
  • Favorite airplanes filter (heart icon on airplane cards, can be managed from Fleet or Contracts tab)
  • Assigned stand/gate name is shown on airplane detail card
  • Terminal interior camera at BRI and SXM
  • +2 extra levels added for all airports
  • De-icing snow flawe icon on airplane detail card
  • Level-up nofitications
  • Daylight saving time offset
  • Empty filter texts (description while selected filter cannot display any airplane)
  • B787 bottom red beacon light added
  • Finnish language added

Bug fixes

  • Maintenance start fix on direct player-to-player contracts
  • Cannot enter hangar fix …
  • Runway name fix from Tower communication at LEJ and MCT
  • Unable to select an airplane by tapping on it related to unbuild terminals
  • Stucked airplane after claiming rewards from contract detail card fix
  • Cargo doors opening animation fixes on passanger airplanes
  • Handling position fixes (jet bridges positions update, B738 cone, CONC/DH64 catering truck, …)
  • Airplane camera position fixes (A306F, B748F, B752F, CONC, DHC6, E190…)
  • Translation corrections (phrases correction in Polish language, overflowing texts in japanese language, water salute in Thai, maintenance price, contract card - maintenance, …)
  • BCS1/BCS3 engines rotation, small fuel truck
  • Spotting camera fix while access to device storage is denied (it was not possible to use the spotting camera after denial of device storage access)
  • Failsafe closing of cargo doors after finished handling
  • Graphic bug fixes (baggage belt occasionally not connected to cargo hatch, large stairs doing “spring” effect, flickering shadows at IAD, LEJ rendering issues fix on DHL terminal, various small graphic fixes at LEJ, sunken roofs in Prague, C17 Lines/Basic custom liveries display fix, etc.)
  • Strobe after exiting the airport fix (strobe lights OFF after arrival at stand, but were again ON after re-loading the airport - fixed)
  • Dancing airplane at IAD
  • Handling and pushback of DH64 fix
  • E190 lights fix
  • “Blind” destinations that offers nothing
  • Destinations marked as International instead of Regional (TLL Tallinn, TLS Toulouse, JER Jersey, LCA Larnaca - added to european region; ANU, BQN, FDF, FLL, PTY - added to SXM region; IPL Imperial from SAN and IAD)
  • Ryanair airline flag correction
  • Duplicated destinations fix (MBJ Montego Bay, EUX Sint Eustatius)
  • Pax arrivals from military cargo destinations fix
  • Snow white liveries in Hangar offering colors selection fix
  • DHC6 icon showed on other airplanes/generic contracts in levels tab fix
  • B747 Prototype livery bug fix

Is it coming?

A historic moment for flyboys

What time for the next updates?

Yea when does this release

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Any new liverys?

Besides the ones on the 787s it doesn’t seem like it. But we’ll see

Lovely i thought maby aerlingus might get a few more lol

Focus was on 787 due to the number of liveries that needed to be re-done and created (they all have to be re-done from scratch), there will be more 787’s coming as well.
There maybe the odd one here or there. But that’s about it for the moment


Good job guys for what you doing, all respect.


This looks great, can’t wait! Love the new 787 models :smiley:

What is meant by “reunification of items in the store?” Also, do the USCG destinations have coast guard aircraft as contracts?

Reasonable to guess that this will be out within the next few days?

Tysm to the devs for this update, everything looks really good!


Woo! Now just need to wait for Play Store to see the update. Great work team!

Most likely, some of them like Elizabeth City and Kodiak might have pax connections but it’s mainly for USCG arrivals.

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Can’t wait to play the new features!!! Happy flying!!

Currently only for CG


Still waiting for the update. And Cancel my sleep today I am very very excited for it.

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Should have seen the chaos on the Discord earlier. Someone pinged everyone mistaking the patch notes for the update being released. But I don’t think it’s coming today


I think its being released today because the 2.0.3 release notes came on the same day it was released

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Aw man, missed opportunity