2.1.0 Release notes

Yeah it was a mod, just an honest mistake.

If I were in their position I would have thought the same thing.

No, they should know better. Release notes mean testing is over, final version is ready and may have been handed over to Google and Apple, from there it’s on them to determine when it’s finally released to the store


Who decides: the devs or apple/google

Mainly Apple and Google. But as I might seems from all the other updates during the years It seem like Google is faster to process apps than Apple


Generally Google is a little faster and it’s their call. Nothing gets published with out Google and Apple approving it’s just how it is

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Whist it’s good that tower can now do take offs and landings plus the new model Dreamliners. The update I’m waiting for is LHR being released.

Well you might have to wait until 2024 when LHR is released. LHR in 2023 is impossible

Says you? You don’t know how far devs are through it… my understanding ( from the devs) that 2023 is entirely possible


But when did they start Heathrow?

Back in September, they already had the model and once it became clear that DEL was going to be a problem due to platform licensing issues, they switched to working on LHR. Now it is entirely feasible that LHR could slip to early 2024 if testing doesn’t go well, but when LEJ came about ( similar set up) it was about 2 weeks on beta testing. So please do not make assumptions here…


Here it is!!! :heart_eyes:

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Update broke my game

Huge fan of Tower Manager. My airport is starting to feel more “alive”! Kudos to the devs for all the tweaking


if you are on an android, should be fixed now.

I updated and was playing the game on bluestacks. Now it doesn’t open. What is the reason? I can’t play on the phone !!

The picture is before the update.

Where is LHR?

LHR was never planned for this update, it will be coming soon. Hopefully before the end of the month, but that is highly dependent on how the testing goes.


Hello, i had same problem. Try at first to update bluestacks, when this doesn´t solve your problem, uninstall and install bluestacks again. Your scores and achivements should be retained afterwards, but you have to linked to your google account like me for example: in picture at the bottom left corner (Das Konto ist mit Play Games verknüpft):

Thanks.Is there any project to add an airport in China to the game?

In the future maybe, but it’s not on the immediate roadmap