2.1.0 Release notes

What does this mean?

Some airports had their clocks off by an hour because of daylight savings. I reported it as well

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Do you know were to find the B772

I will ask, but you’ve already posted 2 threads and now this. Please stop. Thanks

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I know I’ve said this before but it really kinda irks me how a day works in the game
And now with this update it’s made it a bit more annoying

To me it seems the day is bit longer now? :thinking:

I’ve got CRJ2 on mine but B772 completed in the old game not this Version.

No it’s not, not even close, and over all the months of nov-feb are typically shorter days
In Europe for example the sun rises now at about 8am and sets at 4pm

Meant in the game not real life.

Well it’s not in game

That’s why I said it seems the days feel bit longer in the game now. Need to do few hours and check.

I rewatched Phat Airlines WOA 2.1 updates patch notes and I noticed something What’s A [quote=“Flyboys, post:1, topic:11774”]
Dancing airplane at IAD