2.3.5 Release notes

Bug fixes

  • LHR taxiing issue fix: Resolves the pathfinding issue occurring after every pushback from Stand No. 221 at Terminal 2A, LHR Airport.

Great! Thanks a lot guys😃


Ah yes, a bug that was desperate for a fix and has finally been fixed, takeing a brake from WOA but when I’m back it should be fixed… Hope so…


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@Thony333 English,please.
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It was fixed once but something happened that it popped up again

Alot of people have been talking in a different laugaunge so maybe I’m suggesting we translate it you know


Same here…still get stuck at some point on the taxiway and in my case it was the first try after update to 2.3.5

Recently I’ve noticed that when you play the first time after a new update, the game still bugs…but when you close it and restart the app, it was fixed😬 (could be my phone…idk😉)

Hey! It was like you said! It happens only when I play the first time after the update of the game, now no more issue on taxiway queue!

Thank you!!!

Please bring back the XLMS landing order for the landing agent that was introduced in 2.3.3 and reverted in 2.3.4 - or give us the option to choose between XLMS or assigned landing order.

Currently, you’ve reverted back to landing order (except favorites go first), except whenever the game crashes or you switch airports, the landing order gets completely inverted (last assigned planes now go first), and mysteriously, leaving an airport again doesn’t invert it again.

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That’s an issue that they’ve always and, even before the implementation of the XLMS
and I hope they add it as an option to toggle because it’s unrealistic to have that sequence in real life

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I’d rather it went from top of your contract list and worked down. But I’m pleased they changed it from landing your aircraft first and it’s back to random.