A Few Questions

Here i am. The first picture also shows you how the strategy of bulk takeoff that i told you about earlyer looks

Also as you csn see, planes that are already serviced have a yellow ticker and the only remaining ones are ones that need servicing. This can also be seen on the airport as all serviced planes are green (ready for tkf)

The below picture shows you the aftermath of bulk takeoff, exit to menu, repeat.

As you can see, blank airport ready for another round of landings. Only remaining plane was a 747 at the cargo terminal.

Hope this helped

hi guys, why when i receive plane from my connection player and start refueling , and if I quit the game in that moment , that refueling time did not stop?

Could you clarify what you mean by

nearly all actions will be stopped once you quit the game. the only operation that will run in the background is the timer for handling your connection partners aircraft at all. this happens to avoid getting aircraft stuck at connection partners airports because the partner is not playing


bulk take off is imo only an option for single runway airports. At IAD it’s unnecessary since you have a separated runway for landings and takeoff. the only thing you’ll create with bulk take offs are game crashes at IAD :innocent:


Oh ok thats great news. As i said before im still in the beggining phases of ops at IAD so im no expert. Thanks for this info, very usefull

Yeah, but I think some time is make trouble , coz when Im busy i need quit game , and when come back , just lost that planes , more good if change that limit time more longer

Unfortunatelly background timers are not an option for planes. You will just have to spend more time playing the game

is so sad, coz its game . and when i busy i just need to quit .hope in future in the game can change that “limit time” for few hours

when you send a plane off to an airport where you have a connection, how do you know that it is specificly going to that connection?

Could you clarify? Do you mean for example you are playing BRI and have a connection with me at PRG. So you send a plane to PRG. And your question is how do you know that you sent it to me?


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Im pretty sure its automatic. If you have a connection with a player at the city youre sending a plane to it goes to him by default. It only gets sent to someone else if your connection partner doesnt land it within the 4 hour waiting period.

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If connection is established - that user is “priority receiver”

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How does this work? Do I get 1 gold plane for every 100 connections to a certain airport? (the achievement)


Sorry, no. You get 1 golden plane for the 1st 100.

How much more? Right now I have 2 ATR72s in PRG going to BRI and I don’t think they are making much more than the airline ATR72s. I am also saving up for an a320

These are the destinations and revenues (fuel has to be subtracted) for a A320 at PRG

Edit: changed 2 pictures into one combined


Thats what i meant to say :joy:

IMO the difference in income for S planes is neglidgeable except in PRG (and im guessing IAD, havent gotten there yet lol). Also ATR is the smallest plane so, less pax, less profit. I suggest switching to a BAe146 as it carries as many pax as an E190 but for S size. Though the true goal is, as you are luckily pursuing, an A320 fleet and eventually progresion to L and X.
As @DuneCrawler shows in his picture, player A320s in PRG make on average 2k while the regular ones make only like 300 on average. As you can see the difference is drastic. Also the more A320 you have, and thus less airline A320s, the more profit you make.