A Few Questions

Hello everyone, I am somewhat of a new player and I have a few questions.

  1. What does the plane icon under the camera icon do when toggled on/off?
  2. There is a long takeoff line for my airport and this causes arrivals to come in very slowly so my airport is almost empty most of the time, any way to fix this?
  3. I seem to be making barely any money, what’s the fastest way to get money.
  4. I have 1 plane based in bari but I want to move it to Prague, is there any way to change its base?
  5. Is there any way to get those golden plane things to unlock aircraft other than buying them or getting 1 every 600 planes?
  6. I have seen the achievement “Handle ATR72s in bonus time and get your own” what it bonus time?
  7. How do connections work?

When toggled on, it will show a green halo around a plane that is ready for departure

Wait for new planes to land, so the line can get shorter. Or don’t let all planes take-off immidiatly.

Upgrade your support vehicles so the planes are ready for take-off faster. Then save up for your own planes. They make more money.

Sorry, there is no way.

You can also earn golden planes with connections, click here to ask for them.

Sorry, i don’t know.

Please read this topic.


I don’t let them all go at the same time, it’s just that over time as I’m playing the game it starts to fill up and I can’t let new planes land if there is no space for them. Also, if I wait for new planes to land, won’t this make the line longer as there are no planes leaaving?

I am sorry, english is not my native language.

I ment: Wait for the planes to take-off. Like: Land 4 planes, let 4 planes take-off. Then it will go a bit faster.

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The achievment just means thst ypu have to handle planes a bit faster. When you click on a plane on the circle ypu will see on its top left side there is a line. Time before that time is bonus time. If you see an aircrafts circle become red during servicing it means that you are no longer in bonus time and are taking too long. Upgrade your services to remedy this. Basicaly just play the game normally and you will get that achievemnt after some time

A strategy you can try which as far as i know a lot of people use is the following.

  1. Land a bunch of planes, bascially fill up every stand at your airport (buying more stands is thus preferable, avoid S stands at all costs, ill explain later)
  2. Service all planes slowly but surely.
  3. Do not take off any planes, just leave them at the gate. Whem you finish servicing and ypu get the option for take off the timer stops and those planes can wait as long as you want.
  4. When most of your planes are ready for takeoff, send them all off. Obviosly if you have to wait like 10mins for another 2 planes dont, pick the optimal time.
  5. Your airport should be almost empty now but with a giant takeoff queue
  6. Exit to main menu and reenter the game, this deletes all planes that were taxing to the runway.
  7. You should now have an almost empty airport with no takeoff queue.
  8. Land all planes again and repeat.
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Also this. The game in the beginning is quite slow and a bit of a grind. But it gets qucik fast. Just focus on buying more stands, and the required equipment for timely servicing of the new planes and by the time you get a bunch of stands you should be making ok money. For the rest just follow what @DuneCrawler said

Also this @Casp959er73

Later on you will be able to sell planes to get gold planes. You can try this with the free atr you get at INN, though i wouldnt do it as its better to keep it


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Well to stick to the newest changes, with the latest update S planes earn a lot less money. Secondary is the fact that jf you upgrafe an airport fully, S stands included, you wont get a lot of M and more importantly L and X planes because you will be getting a bunch of S anes as well. This problem is very visible in BRI and even more so PRG. I wouldnt go above 4 S stands on both airports and immediatelly go for M and L. Sorry for not explaining on previous post, forgot :slight_smile:

I do not agree, you still can get money from it for destinations that M planes won’t go to


Yes that is true but i said it because i think its more cost effective initially to go for larger stands. Also i said it beacuse of normal S planes which can usually just clog up the airport and block larger arrivals

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I actually made the mistake of getting all of the small stands and barely getting any of the m l or x stands on PRG now I have all the small stands 4x 1L and 4m. Should I reset or just keep going?

I think you should not restart because if you have all that it means you invested quite some time and effort and possibly golden planes to get there. Not worth restarting imo. Keep going and just counterbalance by getting all the L and X stands

I also just started the IAD airport. Any tips on how to start out? The only thing I have purchased is the ability to buy m l and x stands and some trucks.

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I just started as well. Though I would say to bring a few goldies, or just start off without goldies like me! :smiley:

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A strategy that could help is for example filling half of those stands with planes that you simply never take off. Should swing the balance a bit towards getting the bigger planes.
Im saying this because as far as my understanding of arrivals goes:
For ex.: in PRG i have 6 leftover S stands, 16M, 4L, 3X stands
The game i think sees the amount of free stands and randomly pics. So i have the most M stands which means i should statistically be getting mostly M with a few L and X which is exactly the case (with some time i obvs fill everything up).
So in your case by filling for ex. half of your S stands, you will have less S planes to land, and thus get more M L X.
Hope this was at least a bit helpfull because idk how well i explained how i think this works lol :grin:

That is very bold. I had the same idea after golding a bit through the start of PRG but after seeing the prices of the concourses i gave that idea up lol

Won’t having half of the airport be filled make it difficult to see which planes actually need service?

Not really. Depends if you plan on using gold planes. Keep in mind i have only carried like 24k pax on IAD so im no pro by any means. I have all the stands on the initial mini terminal and also 2 L stands and like 6M and the beginnig of both terminals.
I think buy all the stands on the starting terminal and stay like that a bit so that you can learn airport layout a bit and taxi routes. Also S stands are usefull for completing CRJ achievement.
For M do not buy the lower terminal. Buy the remote stands that are under the bottom terminal and supporting equipment. I suggest getting a few so that you have some traffic and some cashflow and also so you dont get bored waiting for one L to get serviced
For L and X stands buy the terminal nearest to starting one and get like 1 or 2 stands and supporting equipment

No, click the i think bottom left button out of the 4 in the top right corner of the screen. Highlights all planes that are done servicing and ready for pushback. Also planes will be cronologically ordered so it should help a bit.
Ill try to get you a screenshot in a bit to show you how it works

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